Is Sonam Kapoor making her way into Hollywood?


Bollywood ace actors have been on their way to making Hollywood debuts this year. Looks like Sonam Kapoor has planned the same for her.

We know Sonam is always on the go, traveling for work and vacations. However, her ‘secret’ (well, not so secret anymore) trip to LA had something to do with her auditioning for a project in Hollywood. Many even claimed that she got the audition because “daddy dearest” pulled some strings.

When news of this reached the star, she immediately took to Twitter and shot down all the rumours with total sass.

The actress who has made a mark in the entertainment industry through her stellar performance in Neerja and Khoobsurat found it amusing that people would think her father got her the audition. She took to Twitter and reacted to this statement saying,

So yeah, relax guys! Sonam still has a long way to go.