Honda Civic 2016 delivery date pushed forward


The 2016-17 Honda Civic is expected to hit the roads by mid July this year. However, there are now reports that due to the overwhelming response and pre-booking, Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan is having problems managing the supply and delivery dates.

In a document released to all Honda car dealers, the Head office, located at Mangha Mandi Lahore has advised dealers to push the sale of the 1.8L model as opposed to the 1.5L turbo engine model. There are reports that around 5,000 cars have already been booked and the manufacturer simply cannot keep up with demand.

Booking for the new civic opened just a few weeks back. Both the 1.5L turbo engine model and 1.8L engine model were made available on first come first serve basis for a booking payment of PKR 1 Million

It is important to mention here that the car itself is not available for viewing. Honda Atlas Pakistan website has not uploaded any pictures or features list either let alone printed any prospectus for the marketing of the car. All bookings are based on speculation, leaked pictures and features list.

The price of the cars has also been revised upwards. The 1.8L was priced at PKR 2.5 Million, but has been revised up to 2.7 million while 1.5L turbo was initially for PKR 2.8 Million and now is for PKR 2.9Million. Only this information was shared online by Honda Atlas.(

The new civic is set to be the highest end locally manufactured saloon car ever release in Pakistan. The features of the car are said to be top end and with a few exceptions, at par with the models available in the US.

The price of an equivalent model in US is said to be USD 24,000. So a price of PKR 2.9 Million, considering our duty structure is quite reasonable. Market experts feel this is one of the main reasons for the amount of bookings prior to even viewing of the car itself.

The letter issued by Honda Mangha Mandi has also stated that the 1.5L Turbo engine will require Hi-Octane fuel only. This is due to the turbo component that requires a minimum of 91 RON as opposed to a naturally aspirated engine (1.8L) that can run on normal ‘Super’ petrol that has around 86 RON.

This fuel requirement may also make buyers hesitant to buy the more expensive 1.5L model. The 1.5L is the most popular at the moment with majority of bookings.

Here is a list of features that are expected to be released:


Features Comparison
Features Current Civic Civic 2016
  Base Grade 1.8L Oriel Top Grade 1.8L Oriel 1.8L Oriel 1.5L Turbo
Horsepower 141 @ 6000 RPM 141 @ 6000 RPM 141 @ 6000 RPM 174 @ 6000RPM
Torque 128 @ 2000 RPM 128 @ 2000 RPM 128 @ 2000 RPM 162 @ 1700RPM
0-100 Km/h 10.1 Seconds 10.1 Seconds 10.1 Seconds 6.8 Seconds
Top Speed Km/h 210 210 210 240
Dual SRS o o o o
Tyre Size 195/65R15 195/65R15 215/55/R16 215/55/R16
Aircon Manual Auto Auto Auto
Cruise Control x o o o
VSA +  HSA x x o o
Electric Parking Brake + ABH x x o o
Auto Door Locks By Speed x x o o
Rear Ventilation + Heater Duct x x o o
Push Start + Smart Entry x x o o
Remote Engine Starter x x x o
Paddle Shift x x x o
Rear Entertainmetn System x x x Optional
Sunroof x o o o
Alloy Wheels x o o o
Fog Lamps x o o o
Navigation/Leather Optional Optional Optional o
Chemical Package x x Optional Optional

The rear entertainment system option will be a touch screen control for passengers sitting at the back to control the stereo system. The chemical package is a paint treatment that adds additional shine to the body of the car. It is also rumored that the 1.5L turbo model will have dual exhaust system. This was also evident from a video of the car being test driven in Lahore.

Honda interior

The 1.5L Turbo model is now expected to be delayed to October while the 1.8L might be released earlier.

Have a look at the video of the Lahore road test:

Here is a review video of the 1.5L turbo version:

Also a video of the 1.5 L Turbo model beating the 2015 SI civic (fastest civic made by manufacturer in US) in a quarter mile drag race:

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  1. low quality interior price is high 1.5 fuel is hi octane only dashboard materiel bad grande is full option 2400000 and civic ll option ad on 2700000 civic 1.8 engine is same 2015 model new civic body is bigger how can possible new civic drive is better

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