CDA transfers 23 directorates to IMC, to have partial control over 26 others


Environment, Security, Health, Municipal Administration, Water Supply, Sanitation, Security, Public Relation and others fully transferred to IMC

An office order has been issued to the effect that 23 directorates of Capital Development Authority (CDA) have been fully transferred to the Islamabad Metropolitan Corporation (IMC) and are given under the administrative control of the mayor. The directorates of CDA have been transferred partially or wholly along with all rights, assets and liabilities according to Islamabad Capital Territory Local Government Act, 2015 with immediate effect.

The following directorates have been fully transferred to IMC: Directorate of Health Services, Directorate of 1122, Directorate of Municipal Administration, Directorate of Sports and Culture, CDA Capital Hospital, CDA Model School, Directorate of Public Relation, Directorate of Security, Directorate of I.T, Directorate of Coordination, Directorate of MQC, CE Lab, Directorate of G and H, Directorate of Bulk Water Management, Directorate of Water and Sewerage Development, Directorate of M and RM, Directorate of Water Supply, Directorate of Sewerage Treatment Plant, Directorate of MPO, Directorate of Environment (East and West), Directorate of Sanitation, Directorate of E and DM and Directorate of RP(KAC).

All the officers and staff of above-mentioned directorates have been transferred to IMC with immediate effect.

The 26 other directorates include Directorate of Administration, Directorate of HRD-I and HRD-II, Directorate of Law and Labor Relation, Directorate of PR, Directorate of Security, Directorate of IT and Management, Directorate of Coordination and Parliamentary Business, Directorate of Architecture, Directorate of Structure, Directorate of Traffic Engineering and Planning, Directorate of Maintenance, Directorate of E and M, Directorate of Road (North and South), Directorate of Machinery Pool Organisation, Directorate of Parks, Directorate of Environment (Protection Cell and Regional), Directorate of Enforcement, Finance I, II, Directorate of Audit, Directorate of Accounts, Directorate of Revenue and Head of Treasury have been partially divided between CDA and IMC.

It has been further decided that the partially divided directorates will be transferred as per provision of ICT Local government Act, 2015 within three months. This would be done after carefully working out the details by the committee being constituted for this purpose. It would comprise of Chief Metropolitan Officer as representative of IMC and DG Administration from CDA.

Furthermore, the employees transferred will draw their salaries from CDA till the close of FY-2015-16. Meanwhile, it is expected that IMC will be allocated funds for salaries. In the case of any delay, CDA will continue to give salaries for two more months if instructed by the government. The notification also enunciates that during the entire process of transfer of directorates, all heads of directorates shall ensure the service delivery and continuation of work as per provision of ICT Local Government Act, 2015.

The local bodies’ election were held last year on 30 November. Mayor and deputy mayors were elected in February and took oath on 4th March, 2016. It took almost seven months for the elected members to finally get their hands on power.

“We are really happy that finally, we’ll be able to fulfill promises we made during our electoral campaign. We were made to wait for a long time, but at last, the notification has been issued and soon we’ll start to deliver,” said a general member from G-11/4.