Villagers killed rare dolphin after mistaking it for monster



Villagers in Daharki killed a rare dolphin after they mistook it for a ‘monster’, reported media. The dolphin had come from River Indus to Narli Minor after it lost its way. The villagers said that they did not know that the dolphin was rare and only killed it out of fear.

Wildlife department officials told media that a team was dispatched from Sukkur to take possession of the blind dolphin. A study conducted by the World Wide Fund for Nature-Pakistan (WWF-P) showed in 2014 that an estimated 12,000 dolphins are killed in Pakistan every year.

The wildlife department and WWF spend a huge amount annually on the preservation of the endangered species but the dolphins continued to die as government functionaries fail to act.

Experts believe that the fast disappearance of this top predator from marine waters would have a direct bearing on our fragile ecosystem.


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