Girls in Chitral demand construction of girls’ schools, colleges


The lack of educational facilities and co-education are the main hurdles in the way of getting girls educated in remote area of Chitral District.

This is the reason a large number of girls in Yarkhun Lasht, Broghal and Lutoyar areas of Chitral are compelled to take care of livestock farming instead of going to schools.

While citing the difficulties they face in getting education, the local girls said that either there are no schools or the schools have no facilities. They added that majority of the schools are for boys where they cannot get education due to cultural and religious sensitivities.

There are no separate washrooms for female students in boys’ schools, said Hina bibi, a student of 9th class.

The girls demanded the government to give them the basic right of education like other people of the country and construct girls’ educational institutions in the area to enable women folk to get education.

A 9th grade female student enrolled in a boys school located at a two hours walking distance from her home said, “It takes us two hours to reach our school from home and vice versa. I feel uncomfortable to sit among the boys in the class. Therefore we demand of the government to construct separate schools and colleges for us”.


  1. Construction of girls college is much necessary in all over the country, so girls can get higher education as well. Many of the girls colleges are lacking facilities as well. how to plan a project

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