Restoring the true essence of Ramzan


A recent trend is seen in the past few years during the holy month of Ramzan that every TV channel in Pakistan starts a game show where people are asked to either to compete or portray a certain set of skills to win prizes. At start, there were certain limits and check and balance but with time, the activities and the portray of behavior by the anchors and the general public is rather alarming. Such actions have two main aspects related to it: the religious aspect and the social aspect.

Ramzan is considered a sacred and holy month for Muslims and they try to engage themselves more in prayers, recitation of Holy Quran, and help the needy. While every channel is engaging in launching a show and compete with other channels, people are more concerned with becoming a part of these shows rather than concentrate on the true essence of Ramzan. Secondly, in such shows only 5 to 10 percent people are those who are truly needed, the rest are middle class people who can afford a good living. This creates a social imbalance. Moreover, it’s been taken into concentration by PEMRA that the anchors of such shows are showing disrespectful behaviors and notice has been issued to Geo to address this matter.


According to my understanding, this is not enough. This has become more of a money making segment then a “helping hand” segment. Millions are taken as sponsorship’s and only chips are distributed among the general public. Some of the programs needs to be banned and a set of rules needs to be made for the entertainment channels for the programs aired to be during Ramzan.


Warda Najam



  1. Money making ! If even the fruit vendor is making money – and none other trader is behind in making money out of the sprits of this Holy and month of blessings, what wrong if TV channels also make some. They, in turn, are also generously giving prizes to the winners. There is a lot happening in this holy month – including increasing crime-rate during the first Ashra in the country – let it happen too. I feel ashamed to call it this month HOLY.

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