Record power generation on June 18


The country’s power generation set a new record of 17,272 MW on Saturday, with more than 98 per cent of urban areas and 90 per cent of rural areas having no load shedding during Iftar.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Water and Power said that out of the total output of 17,272 MW, hydel generation contributed 6,080 MW while the IPPs and GENCOs contributed 11,192 MW.

An official source said that the ministry has planned 18,000 MW power generation during the current season. He also said that the improvement in distribution was made to deal with the peak load which usually comes in the July-August period.

However, he said that this year has been abnormally hot as power generation reached 16,800 MW in May and 17,000 MW in the first week of June. Had the ministry not taken due steps earlier this year, the situation would not have been under control in June, the official added.

It may be mentioned that the peak generation of 17,000 MW is achieved in July when hydel power is at its optimal potential of 7,000 MW. During the early summer period the hydel power usually remains up to 5,000 MW. Lowering of furnace oil prices have helped achieve maximum power in early summers.

The government is trying to enhance the power transmission network. The country has de-rated power generation capability of close to 19,000 MW but the main obstacle in optimal generation is transmission which is hovering around 15,000 MW since the last decade. Financial support from donors has helped improve the power transmission network which is now more reliable and consistent.