Pre-monsoon rain chokes cantonment drainage system


The first spell of pre-monsoon exposed the poor performance of Rawalpindi and Chaklala Cantonment Boards, as the sewerage system choked after it was inundated by the rain water causing immense difficulties for the residents.

In the wake of severe damage caused by the flooded nullahs to the infrastructure last year, the cantonment authorities had expressed their commitment to unclog the drainage system and overcome the issue of obstructions caused by illegal structures built over the nullahs. The first downpour of pre-monsoon came crashing and the “mere commitments” of cantonment authorities were proved transient.

The houses located on the borderlines of the nullahs were flooded by the overflowing sewers. The people residing in these houses bore extreme loss. However, RCC Executive Officer Saima Shah along with her team visited different areas to examine the condition of drainage systems. Strict action was taken against the staffers assigned for the clearance of nullahs and unclogging the drainage. She also visited the locality of Khyaban-e-Miranbakhsh near Aslam Market and ordered to demolish the structures constructed over the nullahs.

RCC Vice President Raja Jahandad supported the actions of Saima Shah by saying that the department had given compensation to the owners of the structures built over the nullahs; hence, there is no justification for the department to further tolerate these illegal buildings.

On the other hand, Chaklala Cantonment Board Vice President Raja Ifran Imtiaz and Executive Officer Rana Rafique Khan along with their teams visited the areas of Harley Street, Raja Ikram Colony and Tali Mori to examine the damaged houses and buildings flooded by the clogged nullahs. Without delay, Raja Irfan and Rana Rafique initiated the process to unclog the nullahs and remove the obstructions from drainage system of the affected areas.