Rangers’ authority to keep suspects for 90 days expires


The Sindh Rangers’ authority of keeping terrorists in custody for a period of 90 days for interrogation has expired. The federal government has yet not issued any notification regarding extension in the authority.

While implementing the National Action Plan (NAP), the federal government granted the Rangers authority to keep suspects in custody for interrogation for a period of 90 days after making an amendment in the Anti-Terrorism Act. Rangers were given the very authority on June 15, 2014, for a period of two years based on the amendment of section 11EEEE of the Act.

After being granted the authority, Rangers conducted operations across Karachi and apprehended several terrorists for a period of 90 days. Peace was restored in the city as a result of the efforts of Rangers.

Rangers arrested Dr Asim, Dr Nisar Morai, Uzair Baloch, Amir Khan, Obaid K-2, Faisal Mota, Minhaj Qazi, Sultan Qamar Siddiqui along with over 200 other suspects and carried out investigation against them but the authority to keep suspects in custody for 90 days expired on the night of June 14, 2016.

At least two days have passed but the federal government has not issued an extension in the Rangers’ authority yet via notification or ordinance. Rangers have also stopped presenting terrorists in the court from June 15.