New Honda Civic to be launched in July


Honda Atlas Cars has started the pre-booking of its new Honda Civic 10th Generation last week with an initial non-refundable deposit of Rs 1 million, the market dealers said; but the buyers of this car have to pay On-Money of Rs 0.4-0.5 million to drive this car in July 2016.

According to dealers, more than 5,000 vehicles have been booked till now and the company has asked its dealers to book this vehicle at an initial price tag of Rs 2.53 million for 1.8L Oriel Prosmatic and Rs 2.9 million for 1.5L Turbo subject to government taxes.

Through the Auto Policy, the government has given a timeframe of two-months for the delivery of vehicles, but it seems that the dealers of the company are not following the rules.

A dealer said on the phone, “If you have to book a new Honda Civic, you have to pay Rs 1 million and the delivery of your vehicle will be made after four months.”

The dealers of Honda in Karachi said that the new vehicle is on demand and the company cannot deliver before this date.

Sources said that the production of vehicles has started and the company will launch the vehicle in the middle of July or August 2016.

However, according to the new auto policy, dealers were directed to charge only 50 per cent of the amount at the time of booking, as an incentive.

“Both variants will have a host of features and will only be available in automatic transmission with sun-roof for now. It is possible that HCAR may introduce lower price variants including manual transmission and hard top in due course,” an analyst said. Previous Honda Civic models gave buyers the latter option, he said.

HCAR produced a total of 25,700 cars, out of which 5,857 were Honda Civic cars while 19,843 were Honda City ones. The capacity of HCAR is around 50,000 cars annually. For Fiscal Year 2016-17, the analyst estimated that 11,000 Honda Civic and 21,500 Honda City cars will be produced, taking the total production to 32,500 cars for the current financial year.