KP ad-hoc lecturers protest enters 38th day


Khyber Pakhtunkhwa ad-hoc lecturers protest camp for the release of salaries and regularisation of jobs entered its 38th day outside Peshawar press club

Ad-hoc lecturers President Afsar Khan and General Secretary Safiullah are leading the protest camp.

The salaries of 213 male and female lecturers working on ad-hoc in different colleges of FATA have been stopped since September 2015. The ad-hoc lecturers comprise almost half of the 37 FATA colleges’ staff.

The lecturers were appointed in 2011 by the provincial government on an ad-hoc basis. They demand job security from the government. Addressing on the occasion Afsar Khan said, “We have been working in the challenging areas of FATA on deputation without deputation allowances. Our lives are at risk in the hot bed of terrorism. On the other hand, our salaries are not released since the last 10 months.”

Sabina, a female lecturer, said that the lecturers risked their lives to perform duties like being the “soldiers of peace” despite clashes and militancy, but they are denied a permanent job and even salaries for the last ten months. She urged that government to issue an extension order.