Tom Cruise to star in Jack Reacher sequel: Never Go Back


Tom Cruise is back as Jack Reacher in the sequel, titled, ironically, Never Go Back. To add to the confusion, it’s the second Reacher film and is based on the 18th novel in Lee Child’s series. Even the first trailer, which was released on Tuesday, is super twisted because it has Cobie Smulders talking all over it. Before we begin, it would be better if you watched it yourself.

Presumably, a cleaner version of this trailer will soon be available. But until that time, this is all we get.

The first Jack Reacher was a solid action film that, like its protagonist, slowly crept up on audiences over the years. Initially deemed too mediocre at the box office to warrant a sequel, the film attracted quite an audience on home video and streaming.

At first glance, Never Go Back looks exactly like the first one. Cruise is back with his cocky swagger, brooding at women, cops and walls. And he’s just as fearsome as he’s always been. Clearly, none of the controversy about Cruise being way shorter than Reacher’s 6’4” height made any difference. Every few seconds, a terrified voice reminds us what a legend Jack Reacher is. This time he’s paired up with Cobie Smulders, his successor at the Military Police as they are chased around by faceless bad guys.

The film, like Mad Max: Fury Road, looks like an extended chase movie with some great action. Ed Zwick, who directed Blood Diamond and The Last Samurai with Cruise, takes over the director’s chair from Chris McQuarrie, who’s been promoted to the Mission Impossible franchise.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back arrives in theatres on October 21. Sadly, no Werner Herzog with a chewed off finger could be spotted.

Watch the trailer :