PAT not allowed to hold sit-in on Mall Road


The Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) is looking for an alternate venue after not being allowed by the Lahore administration to hold its June 17 sit-in at the city’s Mall Road.

According to a report, PAT leadership and the Lahore district administration held talks to finalise Mall Road as venue of the June 17 protest.

The district government refused to give permission to the party citing orders of Lahore High Court; however, it granted No Objection Certificate (NOC) to the PAT for any other suitable venue.

Now the PAT is searching an alternate location to hold its scheduled protest rally that will be spearheaded by its chief Tahirul Qadri who arrived in Lahore on Wednesday.


  1. This foreign element and agent foreign power must be stopped to disturb the people of Pakistan , their businesses and every day activity in cities. It's moon soon coming soon in Pakistan and allow him to sit sit him in Ravi before the heavy reign comes in Lahore. Then he'll washed away along with all disturbing elements. No security, no cost the most effective way to deal with enemies of Pakistan.

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