Punjab Literacy Department to initiate classes for grown-ups


Under the directives of the Punjab government, the literacy department has decided to initiate classes for grown-up students at 200 primary schools situated in the Rawalpindi district.

In this regard, the literacy department, in collaboration with the Rawalpindi Education Department, has been granted individual rights to organise separate classes at 200 primary schools scheduled in the evening timings.

The literacy department has invited applications for classes for grown-ups at primary schools. The students will be enrolled in their respective classes after Eid. The department will provide the students with free uniforms, course books and other required stationary items.

It is worth mentioning that successive governments in the past had launched similar programmes to increase the literacy rate, but they had totally failed while billions of rupees were wasted.

Some educationists told the news agency that the government should better allocate the resources for the existing schools and raise their standard of education. They were of the view that certain elements in the literacy department were now out to indulge in the minting of money in the name of adult education.