Pregnant woman’s body recovered from Dadu Canal


The body of a young woman, who was allegedly thrown into Dadu Canal by her husband on Tuesday, has been found by police on Wednesday. The body was shifted to Rural Health Center for postmortem.

According to details, Shafqat Detho, son of Muhammad Detho, husband of 19-year Saira, daughter of Ali Ahmed Detho, both cousins and residents of Nazar Detho village, took her wife on his bike for medical checkup. When they reached near Pir Mataro Bridge, he asked her to get off and then he pushed her into Dadu Canal for unknown reasons due to which she started crying for help.

The herdsmen heard hue and cry and tried to save her life, but her husband prevented them saying it was a private matter between husband and wife. Naundero Police SHO Muhammad Mangrio told media that the accused waited there till he was sure that she had drowned and then fled the scene. Mangrio further said that his father Muhammad Detho had been arrested and search for the accused was underway. No case could be filed till filing of this report. The father of the deceased girl, Ali Ahmed Detho, said that he was unaware as to why Shafqat meted out this inhuman treatment to her daughter. He said she was eight-month pregnant. Meanwhile, the body of nine-year child Agha, son of Nisar Solangi, was also found from Bakrani as he had also drowned on Tuesday in Dadu Canal.