PESCO and Load – shedding


PESCO has started illegal, unscheduled electricity load shedding ever since the Prime Minister has left for UK. PESCO has released a statement that they are not conducting any unscheduled load shedding, which is a lie.

The PESCO website has latest pictures of its directors and managers, but does not have any details on who to contact for power failure. The website complaint page is also not working. No one is answering the customer service phone and there is no information on any planned load shedding in Peshawar.

Now who will hold PESCO accountable for the fake statement of not conducting any unscheduled load shedding and where do the customer record their complaint about unscheduled load shedding? Can any government department issue fake statements without any repercussions? Also when will PESCO start issuing the schedule for any load shedding?

Engr. Shahryar Khan Baseer