Load Shedding


It is well-known to everyone that the people of Pakistan face a lot of problems due to the shortage of electricity. In the modern world, electricity is a need for the survival of life but unfortunately Pakistan doesn’t have enough gas or electrical generation to fulfill the demands of people. Load Shedding creates problems for the factories, hospitals, malls, shops and institutes.

Students are most affected by load shedding as their studying schedule is disturbed due to load shedding. As a student, load shedding is frustrating for me as I become unable to complete my assignments and prepare for my tests when there is shortage of electricity during nights.

Furthermore, the exams of matriculation and intermediate are conducted during the months of March and May where there is shortage of electricity and as a result students can’t write a word due to the hot weather.

Therefore, every time false promises are made by politicians to overcome load shedding but till now nothing has been done to eradicate load shedding.


Ganjgul Latif