Literacy Dept to establish more schools for ‘young labourers’ at brick kilns


The Punjab Ministry for Labour and Human Resource has decided to hire services of a third party to monitor the enrollment of children working at brick kilns to schools.

The department in collaboration with the Punjab Ministry for Labour and Human Resource has established 39 schools in various localities of Rawalpindi District, including Chak Beli Khan, Dhok Syedan, Chak Jalal Din, Dhok Hamedan, Fateh Jang Road, Wahdat Colony, Taxila, Nosherwan and Gujjar Khan where more than 3,000 students are being educated.

The literacy department has started to work on establishing six other schools that aim to provide quality education to the children working at brick kilns.

The labourers working at brick kilns motivate their young children to work at the brick kilns and support their family. The literacy department enrolls their children to these schools to educate them and also provides free uniforms, course books and other basic necessities.

The literacy department has sent a report regarding the progress of these schools to the Punjab Ministry for Labour and Human Resource. Strict action will be taken against the administrations of these schools if the third party detects a divergence between the details of the report and the ‘actual’ condition of the schools.


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