The Credibility of NGOs in Pakistan


They could stand to be looked into


For the last many years, the international media and unfortunately some of the few unlucky ones from our own society have been wasting a lot of their strength and efforts to make our nation believe that Pakistan is heading down an endless ditch full of dirty, stinking, stagnant water. They have been trying to convince us that there would never be a new dawn for us and that we are destined to a permanent dreamless, hopeless, dark night. So many precious moments of my life I very often waste in finding reasons behind their struggle and effort; and this whole process of finding the reasons, most of the times, seems to me a long journey of ‘research and analysis’.

I am certain that in this journey of research and analysis, I am never alone; there would be so many other unknown companions of mine; trying to trace out the reasons in the same way. The conclusion I have reached is very simple; they want to push us into a blazing inferno of disappointment and depression. To demoralise the Pakistani Nation, our enemies are using all their devices including trickery-tactics and media-exploitation. Their sole aim is to detract the social trends of Pakistani people and depress our young generation specifically. In the name of liberty of expression and so-called modernity and openness, they are trying to mesmerise our youth – particularly those studying in elite and modern educational institutions. But the most painful fact is that there seems to be no one in Pakistan who could bridle such forces hostile to Pakistan.

Still, we have not lost all we have; but we don’t have a lot of time. We will have to put a check on those who are the actual faces behind the scene and on those Pakistanis too who are playing as tools in the hands of these conspirators, knowingly or unknowingly. We will have to trace out the hidden culprits who are silently busy in spreading discouragement and depression among Pakistani youth by painting Pakistan’s future with dismal and gloomy colours.

When we look at the list of the forces busy in crushing the hope, courage and passions of Pakistani nation, we find so many NGOs also standing in the same queue. Some of the NGOs belonging to the countries like USA and England are so stubborn while operating in Pakistan that they are never ready to follow even the basic code of ethics introduced for NGOs in this country. I remember last year a foreign NGO planned a tree plantation project in Multan. It was insistent upon arranging an inaugural ceremony of the project on a public place. Keeping in view the law and order situation of those days, the security and intelligence agencies did not give security-clearance to that inauguration ceremony. The Pakistani members of that NGO took this non-clearance as a personal insult and allegedly tried their utmost to drag their hi-ups in the respective consulates to intervene the situation. Although the security and intelligence agencies won this ‘battle’ yet the stubbornness of the NGO members conveyed a very clear-cut message of non-compliance and disobedience. If it were a Pakistan-based NGO working in US or England or even in Canada, Australia or China, the official response of the respective governments would have been very strict and stern.

It is very unfortunate that in Pakistan, foreign funded NGOs and even the local ones take the rules and regulations of the country for granted. Although some of the NGOs try their best to operate within the prescribed legal frame work yet they are few and far between in number.

There are some NGOs which are continuously trying to give the whole of Pakistani society altogether a different colour; a colour which has no matching with the social, moral and religious traditions of our society. By ridiculing our religious norms, criticising our social values and targeting our moral traditions, such NGOs are simply trying to damage the whole fiber of our society.

A lot of such NGOs always seem eager to convert non-issues into issues. For example if someone belonging to a minority is murdered by his own business partner on some business-conflict, these NGOs would try to exploit the situation by giving this incident the colour of injustice against minorities in Pakistan. If a rapist is attacked by the relatives of the victim, these NGOs would at once come out on the roads with banners in their hands and start protesting against human rights violations. But we never find them protesting when there is a terrorist attack on the security forces or when there is a drone attack on innocent people including women and children. The people of Pakistan will have to check the credibility of NGOs in Pakistan.