Judge orders case against Kahna SHO after lawyers lock down courts


Lahore Additional Session Judge Shahzaib Saeed on Thursday gave orders to register a case against Kahna SHO Ehsan Ashraf Butt, after he had taken a lawyer in an illegal custody and threatened to kill him.

According to details, Rana Muhammad Ajmal filed a case in the Additional Session Court which said that SHO Ehsan Ashraf launched a fake FIR against his cousin Zaheer Ahmad.

As per details, Zaheer Ahmad’s brother, Advocate Zameer Ahmad Jhedu, went to the police station alongside his servant Muhammad Ashraf with the bail ‘robkar’.  When they were about to leave, the SHO forcibly stopped them. Afterwards, the SHO locked them up and because of that Muhmmad Ashraf and the SHO had a heated exchange of words between them. SHO Ashraf and other police officials brought Muhammad Ashraf from the lockup and took him to an unknown area, according to the details.

According to further information, at night SHO Ashraf took Zameer Ahmed Jhedu to a disputed property at the Kacha Road. He carried out aerial firing and threatened to kill Jhedu and his family if he will continue with his petition against him and the pursuance of the case regarding a disputed property.  Afterwards, he brought Jhedu back and locked him up.

On Thursday, a court bailiff got the advocate out; however, the whereabouts of his servant Muhammad Ashraf are still unknown.

On the request of Rana Muhammad Ajmal, the judge ordered to take an action against the SHO, as per law.

As a reaction, a group of lawyers on Thursday closed all entrance points of the session court.