Father moves court for custody of Abdullah


A man, claiming father of a two and half year old boy admitted to the Edhi Centre after mysterious death of her mother, moved a family court for the custody of minor.

Chaudhry Mohammad Iqbal, through his lawyer, moved an application under Section 25 of Guardian and Wards Act seeking custody of Abdullah. Impleading the Edhi Foundation as respondent, the applicant submitted that being father of Abdullah, he was natural and legal guardian of the minor. He also affixed a no-objection certificate of the grandmother of Abdullah regarding his custody. Due to summer vacations at courts, the applicant also moved another application for urgent hearing of the plea.

Haleema was found dead in her flat in Delhi Colony on May 31 while her son was admitted to the Edhi Centre by one Rizwan Ayaz Khan last week who claimed that the child was found abandoned near Do Darya.