ADB offers financial support to KP govt in energy projects


The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has expressed satisfaction over the efforts of the provincial government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for constructing 356 mini and micro hydel stations in areas where people are still deprived of electricity.

The international monitoring institution has shown interest to invest and offer financial support to the KP government in medium ranged energy projects through its Multi-tranche Finance Facility (MFF) programme. The bank has also started a plan to increase mini and micro hydel stations from 1,000 to 1,500 in the province.

This was stated by a delegation of the ADB led by Adnan Tareen who attended a high level meeting with Pakhtunkhwa Energy Development Organisation (PEDO) Chief Executive Akbar Ayub Khan on the subject of expansion of the mini and micro hydel stations.

The ADB mission was briefed by the PEDO CEO that the government intends to build 356 micro hydel stations in 12 districts of the province under the energy action plan on fast track basis. The construction work is going on rapidly and so far more than 40 power plants have been built.

These power stations are being built through local NGOs in backward areas which do not have electricity. Upon completion, these power stations are being handed over to the local community to run by themselves.

These will prove a source of job creation and provide uninterrupted supply of electricity. The estimated cost of these 356 mini and micro stations is about Rs 5 million each. Construction on these projects will be completed by the end of 2017.

Akbar Ayub further stated that recently, PTI Chairman Imran Khan had inaugurated three mini hydel stations in the Batagram District.

During the meeting, the ADB delegation offered financial support to the provincial government in these micro hydel stations and medium ranged energy projects. The ADB will soon release funds for this programme.