PM Nawaz is back on his feet!


Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was discharged from hospital on Monday after a week-long stay following his open heart surgery.

The wife of prime minister Kulsom Nawaz and his two sons Hassan Nawaz and Hussain Nawaz accompanied the premier on his way home.

Earlier in the day, premier’s daughter Maryam Nawaz had said that Nawaz Sharif will hopefully be discharged from hospital in the afternoon as doctors are satisfied with his progress and latest test reports.

Maryam tweeted on Monday saying “doctors satisfied with PM’s progress and latest reports. All being well, Insha’Allah PM will be discharged this afternoon”.

On Sunday, nearly a week after the premier underwent surgery, Maryam had announced that Nawaz Sharif’s recovery was on track.

“PM’s recovery on course. Was made to walk several times in the corridor during the day, and up and down a flight of stairs twice,” Maryam tweeted.


  1. Does he look like a man who has had a quadruple heart by pass surgery? And what is this place they claim as Hospital. Have we been taken for a ride?

    • Your imagination defies description. I don't think you live or have visited London. Let us be charitable towards the PM. That he is on his feet and walking is no surprise. It is the standard practice. My opinion is experience and evidence based.I apologise if you know London more than me.

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