The largest foreign holder of U.S. debt is China, which owes more about $1.2 trillion in bills, notes and bonds, according to the Treasury – a figure that might be difficult to imagine until it is compared to Pakistan’s total debt of seventy-seven billion dollars. China cannot put a halt on acquiring more American debt because China is in the process of expanding its own economy, and is in need of oil, trade routes for which are in control of America and India. With the construction of Gwadar port, it would significantly reduce the trade route with the natural resource rich Middle East; transport would take ten days rather than forty-five days and China would no longer be dependent on American-controlled routes.


The joint trade of Russia, China and Iran resulting from the Gwadar port would benefit Pakistan so much that with only one percent of that trade, Pakistan can be out of the debt crisis, and we cannot even comprehend the financial gains it will add to our economy.


Considering the scenario, why would the Western Allies especially America and India, having economic interests, let Pakistan complete this project conveniently and bring prosperity in a country towards which they harbor so much animosity? After all, no one wants to commit suicide, yet it is an economic war of survival. They would try to propagate and interrupt, if they cannot stop, the Gwadar project to an extent where they find a solution for themselves too, which is becoming very obvious from the fact that India just signed a deal agreement with Iran and Afghanistan to make Chabahar Port which will enable India to bypass Pakistan and do trading in central Asia.


In order to destabilise Pakistan internally, America has always been on strike and used different leverages; raising tension on Pak-Afghan border, creating gap in civil-military relations, raising tension on Pak-India border, and now “Panama Leaks” for diverting our attention from economic progress. Americans already knew about the offshore companies of Pakistani politicians. They simply stroke at the right time, and if others get entangled in the issue, who cares.  OBL, TTP, ISIS also seem to be the creation of West. When they thought that they had become a threat to American interests too, they waged war against their own offspring – the Mujahideen that the Americans funded in the 1980s when Russia and Afghanistan were at war. Firstly, Panama Leaks’ investigation is being demanded by the “innocent” politicians of Pakistan only and not by anyone else in any other country, and if it is the only way to move forward, Prime Minister of Pakistan appeared in the parliament as demanded. He should have been probed right there and then if someone was not satisfied by what he said in his speech, but instead the opposition walked out and the issue lingered on.


Are we our own enemies? Are external pressure, threats and problems not enough to deal with? Why are we fighting an internal war as well? Or do we, the people of Pakistan, not deserve this big opportunity of our economic prosperity?


People say the CPEC is in China’s interest. Of course it is, and so is it in ours. After all, it is a Pak-China alliance, and any kind of friendship is always a two-way street.


Gwadar project is a golden opportunity for Pakistan, we all would have to stand united otherwise the external forces will get successful in their agenda and we would only have regrets. Due to the hype of the benefits surrounding Gwadar port, the nation would experience frustration like never before, along with an increase in tension and aggression should another project fall through. Pakistan should have a one-point agenda – that no matter what may happen, CPEC will be completed on the set deadlines. Completion of this project will ensure Pakistani prosperity, and thus increase the frustrations of our enemies – political and economic, external and internal – and we should be ready to deal with any number of unwarranted circumstances.


  1. It is absolutely your personal opinion. The statement "ISIS also seem to be the creation of West." has no basis. Please add some data to make it informative.

  2. Gwadar port must be completed, CPEC does not depend on any country's PM, it depends on both state, China wouldnt select Chahbahar Port though it is not in favor of it, before taking step China already have done its research and then select Pakistan. But it does not mean that Pakistan should ignore accountability of Pakistani Politicians. Conclusion of your article is "Dont ask PM about its Corruption Otherwise". Do not try to fear the nation that China will move to Pakistan and select other ways. CPEC will be completed and different political parties will own in future. InshAllah

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