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Imran wants PM’s accountability and he wants it now

Threatens agitation if PM not held accountable over offshore assets; Says PML-N is running scared and using delaying tactics over framing of TORs

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has announced that the party will come out into the streets if Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is not held accountable for the Panama Leaks issue, adding that his party will not let the government drag the matter till 2018 either.

“I will take to the streets with my people if they do not hold the powerful accountable.”

Addressing a public gathering on Sunday, he said: “Why is PML-N running scared if the prime minister is not involved in any wrongdoings?”, adding that he is himself ready to be held accountable through the very Terms of References (TORs) that are being designed for others for the investigation.

The PTI chairman said the country needs leadership which declares its assets and speaks the truth. He said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif used to have only one factory but when he became the country’s leader, the number of factories rose to 28 within 12 years.

“Nawaz Sharif abused his power and made a fortune out of his rule in the past,” Imran alleged.

He said that he will not stop demanding accountability of the Sharif family over the Panama Leaks issue.

Imran said that no leader in the West can benefit their own self from their position of power.

During his address he also prayed for PM Nawaz Sharif’s quick recovery and return to the country, further adding that the Panama Leaks issue could have been resolved if the prime minister had given answers to four questions.

The PTI chairman said that he did not expect such a large number of people to attend the rally because of the extremely hot weather.

He said Pakistan is the only country which was founded in the name of Islam.

He added that the day will come when Pakistan will give funds to poorer countries and people of other nationalities will come into the country looking for livelihood.

Imran said that the youth is Pakistan’s biggest power, adding that educating women is equally important for the country’s prosperity and that Pakistan will be made a welfare state according to Allama Iqbal’s dream.

Panama Papers on April 3 revealed Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s three children were among the dozens of powerful people from across the globe with offshore companies in a tax haven.

Imran also criticised the Metro train projects in Punjab, saying if the same amount had been spent on Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, it would have helped peasants.

“Imagine, the KP has a budget of Rs 113 billion annually and they are making a metro bus of 27km for Rs 200 billion,” Imran said, adding that for just Rs 113 billion, the government could have made a dam in DI Khan, which would have harvested a lot of land in the KP.

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  1. Abdul Hakim said:

    Accountability of the rulers is a must if Pakistan is to make some progress in eliminating and weeding out corruption. Nawaz Sharif Zardari and their henchmen are trying every trick to stop this from happening. This is as Imran Khan said is a defining moment for all Pakistanis to ensure they are not allowed to escape.

  2. Pakistan said:

    “Imran wants PM’s accountability and he wants it now”
    This is the demand if all loyal Pakistanis too.

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