Commuters suffer as nurses’ protest continues on Mall Road


Nurses from various hospitals continued their protest for the fifth consecutive day on Friday at the Mall Road to push for the acceptance of their demands.

The protesters have split into two groups with one ending the sit-in. The other group has warned the government of continuing with the protest until notification pertaining to acceptance of their demands is issued.

The secretary health called representatives of the protesting group at 2 PM on Friday for talks.

The Charing Cross at Mall Road and surrounding roads and streets are seeing the rush for past four days adding to the commuters’ problems.

Furthermore, administrations of the suffering hospitals have appointed junior nursing staff to fill in for the protesters. A faction of the protesters ended the demonstration after negotiation with the government late in the night.

The nurses have also been protesting in other cities including Multan and Faisalabad for the past few days.

Nishtar Hospital’s staffers protested on Nishtar Road as they demanded a restoration of service structure.

In Peshawar, nurses criticised provincial government’s alleged ignorance in the matter and protested against Pervez Khattak’s government.

The Charing Cross has been in the spotlight, on and off, for decades as people seek to stage a sit-in there since it has Punjab Assembly at a stone’s throw. Earlier last month, farmer’s belonging to Kissan Ittehad and employees of Punjab Rural Support Programme staged sit-in for days before finally evacuating the site when their demands were met.

Another faction of farmers came rushing to the metropolitan with their demands few days after successful talks between Kissan Ittehad and the government.