1kg heroin recovered from Jeddah flight


A cache of heroin weighing one kg was seized from flight no 761 which arrived from Jeddah at Quaid-e-Azam International Airport.

According to sources of custom department, the heroin was recovered from concealed places inside toilets of the airplane. The international airline jet was halted at the hanger of Jinnah Terminal as the custom department intended to comb the airliner for further illegal articles.

This is the second case on record over the last days when the customs department has recovered heroin from a flight arriving from Jeddah. Another incident was reported recently where the custom officials recovered 20 kg of heroin from a flight that had arrived from Jeddah.



  1. I remember an article about the flight from Jeddah. Holy cow that's a lot of heroin to just smuggle over some borders on a plane. I wonder if that happens in the U.S. Probably. Which is pretty scary.

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