Did Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris part ways?


As we all know that heartbreaks lead to good music, so it looks like we have some good music coming our way because Taylor Swift and DJ Calvin Harris have reportedly broken up.

Multiple sources have confirmed that the power couple who dated for fifteen months have parted ways. “There was no drama. Things just don’t work out sometimes. No one cheated,” an insider told People Magazine. A source close to the Bad Blood hitmaker confirmed the statement.

However, another report suggests that the 32-year-old Scottish DJ, whose real name is Adam Wiles, is the one who has called it quits.

“Adam really liked Taylor, she was not the type of girl he ever dates and he liked that. He liked how innocent Taylor was and that she had a good caring heart.”

“There were also compatibility issues mixed in with differing tour and travelling schedules according to their source who added: ‘It seemed like they were more friends than lovers,” an insider told EOnline

“Taylor’s heart was more in it than she was. He started to lose interest over the past few months, but really tried to not just break up,” the report added.

This news comes less than two weeks after Calvin was involved in a car crash on May 21 that briefly landed him in the hospital.