Govt to launch anti-smoking campaign


The federal government has given directives to the district authorities to launch an anti-smoking campaign in connection with World No Tobacco Day which was observed around the globe on Tuesday.

In this regard, the district authorities launched a campaign that aims to unveil the dangers of smoking.

The district authorities have issued a notice prohibiting sale of cigarettes within 50 yards of the school buildings. Strict action will be taken against the retailers who are reported to be selling cigarettes to an underage consumer.

The health department took assistance from the advertisement agencies and created commercials which depict the consumption of tobacco as injurious to health. These commercials are also published in the print media which portray the adverse effects of smoking.

Smoking sheesha, an ancient style of smoking tobacco now modernised with flavoured tobaccos and decorative hookahs, has become extensively trendy amongst the young generation.

The health department has decided to put an end to this sheesha culture. A ban has been imposed on smoking sheesha while a number of sheesha bars were sealed but the practice still prevails in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.


  1. In this connection a sum of few billions will be allocated. A body headed by a Director General and five Deputies will be appointed when PM/FM returns from UK.this body will also keep a check on siripaye and similar foods.

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