Amitabh Bachchan talks about his character in TE3N


The mystery surrounding Amitabh Bachchan’s TE3N has been dispelled, as the actor spilled the beans on the film and his role in a recent interview.

The film is a whodunit adapted from the Korean movie Montage. In an interview with Bollywood Life, Amitabh Bachchan describes his character John Biswas as “a middle-class man, he is Anglo-Bengali and there has been a tragedy in the family. He only has his wife and son. His family doesn’t live with him, but he’s keen to find out what happened and how. He’s not one of those vigilantes or smart Alecs.”

Bachchan is keen to play Biswas, who is quite the average Jamal: “He is a very normal person and certainly doesn’t look like somebody who is going to bash a few people up. He is keen to get into the details of what happened and how it happened. I don’t think that he has revenge on his mind. I think he just wants somebody to confess that something like this has been done and that he is repentant about it.”

Upon being asked about the original film, Bachchan explains, “I know it is a remake of a Korean film. Sujoy bought the rights and we met the original producers also. But I haven’t seen the film. I just felt it wasn’t necessary for me to do that. Somewhere in the back of your brain, you have those images and that would be terrible for an actor.”

Bachchan is also looking forward to working with Vidya Balan again. “She is an exceptional actress. Vidya has done so well right from her first film Parineeta to now; I have been watching all her work. I worked with her in Paa and now this… so yes, a great experience.”

TE3N comes out on June 10.