PM says nuclear tests brought stability to region


Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has said it is our national responsibility to have full preparedness to protect Pakistan from external threats so that no one can cast an evil eye on it.

“Pakistan’s atomic programme was developed to make the country’s defence impregnable. It is a guarantee for peace in South Asia. This programme created balance of power, which was necessary to make this region safe,” the prime minister said in his message on the occasion of Youm-e-Takbeer, being celebrated throughout the country on today (Saturday).

The prime minister while congratulating the nation on the historic event of May 28, when a matching response was given to Indian nuclear tests, said that this day will always be remembered as an important milestone in the history of Pakistan like the Day of Independence.

He said that on May 28, 1998 Pakistan became the first Muslim nuclear state and added that the Youm-e-Takbeer was indeed a day of pride for the Pakistani nation as well as for Muslims all over the globe.

The prime minister said the countries of South Asia came out of instability due to Pakistan’s nuclear programme.

He said Pakistan believes in peace and our nuclear programme is a symbol of Pakistan’s strong defence. Moreover, it is a proclamation of the courage, steadfastness and bravery of this nation.

“Our nuclear programme shows the ability of the Pakistan nation to face all challenges,” he said.