Drug Culture in Pakistan


Drug culture is becoming a new trend for the Pakistani youth and spoiling their splendid lives. Nowadays it is considered to be a status symbol among the youth and people. It is the most lethal and ominous habits for citizens and one who is victim of it.

Sheesha bars and clubs are common in economically well-off quarters. Moreover, in posh areas, taverns and bars are very common. This changing culture is actually a symbol of danger for the upcoming generation as it is promoting the disaster of social values and culture.

In Pakistan plenty of youngsters’ lives are being destroyed and their life is meaningless.

Banning and protesting is not the solution for this problem since we first have to come over it and control it.

I request the Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif to take a strict action against this gross act. The all citizens of Pakistan have to control it and save the upcoming generation life.

Munaj Gul Muhammad