Where is your morality, PM asks tormentors



The prime minister said on Sunday that those who had been crying their voices hoarse over the Panama Leaks issue had themselves been exposed before the public.

He was talking to media personnel after landing in London on Sunday night.

“Where is the morality of those who have been levelling allegations against me,” he said, advising his critics to sweep before their own doors before targeting others with false statements.

He said that he had explained his position before the National Assembly. He said that many of the details which he intended to place before the proposed commission were shared with the House.

The prime minister said details about the proceeds they got from the sale of Dubai or Jeddah factories, were laid bare before the House. The London flats were purchased from those proceeds, he added.

He said under the nationalisation drive, they were deprived of their assets by the then regime and were left with empty pockets.

“Under such conditions where did the question arise of taking the money outside Pakistan!” he said.

He said Pervez Musharraf had sealed everything after his take-over and sent them on a forced exile.

He maintained that on the one hand, they were maltreated and on the other, they were asked for accountability.

The prime minister said they wanted the National Assembly committee to also probe those who got their loans written off on political basis and those who took kickbacks or commissions.

Such elements deprived the toiling masses of their hard earned money and swelled their pelf and assets in the forms of industries, he added.

Brushing aside rumours, the prime minister said he arrived in London for a medical checkup and would return to the country shortly.

To another question, he said during his public gatherings, he was talking about the pace of development and the uplift projects.

He said the country is fast heading on the path of development with completion of mega infrastructure, power, energy and CPEC projects which would be completed the next couple of years, he added.

“I have witnessed the enthusiasm of the people of Swat during my recent visit. The provincial government or those who rallied for Naya Pakistan should also realize the public opinion about their performance,” he said.

The prime minister also invited the expatriate Pakistanis to invest in Pakistan as it has become the ideal destination where the industries are getting 100 per cent power and gas.

He said the issue of load shedding will end completely very soon.

“The expatriates should avail of the existing investment opportunities in Pakistan,” he added.

In response to a question whether his recent speeches and rallies were in preparation for an upcoming election, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif dismissed the notion, saying: “I go to different places in the country for development projects.”

Earlier, Prime Minister Sharif departed for London from Lahore. Before his departure, the PM met his brother, Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif, and discussed the Panama Leaks issue.

Several prominent leaders of the PML-N are also expected to visit London in the coming days, according to sources.

Former president and Pakistan People’s Party chief Asif Ali Zardari is also present in London. It is expected that there will be some sort of communication between them to hold discussion over the challenges the premier is facing after his family’s name appeared in the in the Panama Papers.

This is the prime minister’s second visit to London in less than two months. He was accompanied by his wife Kulsoom Nawaz on the visit.


  1. Leave the tormentors aside. Where is yours ? There is a big difference between the tormentors and the Chief executive of the Nation.

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