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FIA DG resigns after squabble with Interior Minister Nisar

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Director General Amlesh Khan on Monday tendered resignation from his post after a heated argument with Federal Minister for Interior Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan during a meeting earlier in the day.

According to informed sources, Nisar questioned the FIA DG’s style of working, saying the agency had deteriorated under his watch. Not the one to take criticism silently, DG Amlesh Khan said that the minister’s anger over a newspaper column was uncalled for.

“Amlesh Khan told the minister to relieve him from the job if he was not satisfied with his performance to which Nisar said that he was accepting his resignation but he should continue in office until a new officer took charge at the FIA,” a source said.

The source said that during the exchange, Nisar said that FIA’s ‘poor performance’ was reflecting badly on his office and it seemed that he had done nothing in the last three years. The minister was also angry over the removal of some officers by DG Amlesh Khan.

“DG Amlesh left the meeting room, saying there was no point in staying there when the minister was not ready to listen to his point of view,” the source added.

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  1. Tariq Nawaz said:

    They will not accept any honest,straight forward and God fearing person.They will always find sychopants who are corrupt and follow their dictates.

  2. neutral said:

    Newspaper column should not be made the excuse. There is a long list of charges against the agency. The most important is : It failed to control the flight of the Foreign currency from the country, the backbone of country's economy. Ayan ali case is a tip of an Iceberg. Admiral Bukhari, an ex DG NAB publicly admitted that billions of US$ are smuggled daily out of the country under the nose of FIA. The DG should have resigned earlier – to be removed.

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