Gastro spreading tentacles as mercury soars



With the mercury soaring continuously, gastro-related problems and eye infection have started spreading their tentacles in the provincial metropolis.

“Cases of gastroenteritis have increased by 30 percent in recent days as well as eye infection. These cases may further rise if the temperature remains the same,” said Dr Salman Kazmi of Lahore’s Mayo Hospital, recalling Lahore witnessed its hottest day of the year this week when the temperature was recorded at 46 degress C on Tuesday.

Generally four diseases: gastroenteritis, eye infection, heatstroke and skin infection were common in hot weather, said Kazmi, adding, “One falls victim to infection of skin and eye due to extreme sweating in sweltering weather.”

About gastro, Kazmi said that the primary reason behind gastroenteritis was unhygienic drinks and beverages offered at roadside stalls which were frequently visited by people to quench their thirst. He said the Punjab Food Authority must be more vigilant in checking quality of these beverages/sharbat or soft drinks in order to bring down the number of gastroenteritis cases.

Another doctor from Lahore’s Jinnah Hospital Dr Adnan Gondal said that people must drink clean drinking water in large quantities to avoid dehydration in summer. He said that inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) was very common in hot weather which created severe problems and caused stomach complications. “The IBD increases 5 per cent in summer, he said, adding, “People must avoid eating from roadside stalls in hot weather.”

A vendor of soda water Malik Ashraf told Pakistan Today that his sale had increased significantly with the rise of mercury. “I provide my services at Anarkali Bazaar and people throng my stall in great numbers these days,” he added.

The vendor said he used quality ingredients for his product and he took water from a filtration plant nearby his stall.

According to the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD), the wave of heat will persist in the plains of Punjab for two days. However, a slight rain is expected after two days in some parts of Lahore division.



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