30% decline in crime rate in 2016


As per statistics, crime rate has significantly decreased in the capital, up to 30%, during the first four months of the ongoing year as compared to the corresponding period of last years.

The statistics show that 24% decline has been witnessed in murder incidents, 100% in kidnapping for ransom, 56% in dacoity incidents, 31% in forcible snatching of items and 7% in burglary incidents.

Similarly, 44% reduction has been witnessed in car theft incidents and 61% in incidents of motorbike theft. Overall, 30% decline in crime rate witnessed during the first four months of 2016 as compared to the corresponding period of 2015.

On the other hand, Islamabad police remained successful against those possessing illegal weapons or involved in narcotics smuggling. Around 14% increase was witnessed in recovery from such elements.

Police spokesman said that a comprehensive security as well as vigilance plan was prepared by Islamabad police which ensured success to bring down the crime rate.

He said that policemen have been given target to focus on detection of crime and satisfy the public by resolving their grievances. The citizens are, and should be proud of the fact that Islamabad police have always performed diligently to ensure security to people, he added.

The commitment and devotion by the personnel of Islamabad police is ensuring continuous success against the criminal elements and decline in crime rate is being witnessed.

Senior police officials have also directed all officials especially those working at police stations to complete investigation on all pending cases within 14 days and provide maximum relief to citizens through accelerating the process of investigation.