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Nishtar Hospital nursing staff continues strike

Three nurses attempted suicide by trying to jump from the Chowk Katchery flyover as the nursing staff of Multan’s Nishtar Hospital continued their protest against their right to take days off from work for third consecutive day on a sweltering Thursday.

Braving the heat, the protesting nurses complained that the hospital management had not allowed them to take their annual leaves for the past three years which, according to them, was a violation of their rights. The nurses chanted slogans against the hospital management as they blocked Nishtar Road for some time.

Witnesses said three nurses tried to commit suicide but their attempts were foiled by their fellow nurses who did not let them jump from the Chowk Katchery flyover.

The protesting nurses also expressed reservations over the committee formed by the hospital management, and demanded Superintendent Kokab Naheed’s post was changed as she misbehaved with her subordinates.

Nishtar Hospital Medical Superintendent Dr Muhammad Ashiq tried to persuade the protesters to end their strike but they demanded Naheed be transferred or removed if the management wanted them back.

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