Jirga orders two real brothers to bite shoes after their donkey cart collides with Jirga chief’s car


An illegal Jirga in Sindh punished two real brothers by making them hold their shoes with their teeth because their donkey cart had collided with the car of the Jirga’s chief.

According to reports in local media, local Wadera Muhammad Bux Mubejo, who is linked with Pakistan People’s Party (PPP)’s local chapter, held a Jirga headed by himself at a bungalow in Villahe Phul and ordered two real brothers whose donkey cart had collided with his car to carry their shoes with their teeth in the presence of hundreds of villagers.

Both real brothers, Suhail and Ayaz, who are manual labourers by profession, obeyed the order of the Jirga, held their shoes in their mouths and apologised to the Wadera for their mistake.

The video of this inhuman Jirga has become viral and social and political circles have strongly condemned the Wadera culture and the inhuman treatment meted to lowly labourers.


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