Celebrating 65 Years of Pak-China Friendship


The decision by the Punjab government to celebrate completion of 65 years of Pak-China friendship in a befitting manner is a welcome step as the focal point of Pak-China friendship is to stand shoulder to shoulder and work hand-in-hand in times of difficulty. Being a trustworthy friend, China always tries its best to cooperate with Pakistan in order to ensure the economic stability in the country. This is the reason that right from energy projects to transport projects, from the construction of Gwadar port to China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), China is always supporting Pakistan at every stage. Pak-China friendship is not only a sign of unity between the two countries but it is a strong bond of mutual trust, tolerance and long lasting confidence which is acknowledged by the whole world.

From the deep blue water of Gwadar port to the heights of Karakoram highway, China’s heavy investment in different projects of Pakistan is an ample proof that both the countries are determined to help and cooperate with each other. To overcome the energy crisis in the country, China is working side by side with Pakistan not only in civil nuclear power projects but also in different other hydro power, coal power and solar energy projects. Likewise, Gwadar port is a starting point of a new chapter of progress and prosperity not only for Pakistan but for Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, Afghanistan and China as well. Pak-China economic corridor with the huge investment of 46 billion dollars will also open new ways of progress and development for the people living in the region. This corridor is not only a 2000 kilometre long road but also a harbinger of economic revolution which will eliminate poverty from the region, bring different cultures and civilisations close to one another and open new trade ways for the whole world.

Under the leadership of Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, the Government of Pakistan is endeavouring to give a new turn to the traditional relationship between Pakistan and China. To promote strong and durable relations between the two countries, the Punjab government is equally playing an important role. It is hoped that this new era of friendship based on enthusiasm will change the fate of people living in the region and prove to be a milestone.


Syed Ali Qasim