Nizami says walkout not the right call for opposition



Senior analyst and Pakistan Today Editor Arif Nizami has said that the political confrontation after Opposition Leader in National Assembly Khursheed Shah’s walkout from the House over Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s “unsatisfactory” response to their seven questions over Panama Leaks, may further grow.

Nizami, while talking to former information and broadcasting minister Senator Sherry Rehman in his talk show DNA on Channel 24 on Monday, held the view that Khursheed Shah should have avoided such a strategy since Imran Khan himself wanted to plead his case in front of the House.

Sherry Rehman said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had missed a golden opportunity to satisfy the opposition over Panama Leaks in his speech, adding that “it was not the sole decision of Opposition Leader in National Assembly Khursheed Shah to walk out of the session since opposition parties had, in their meeting prior to the session, decided to go for a walkout in case of unsatisfactory answers from the premier”.

She said that the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) did not believe in politics of accusations, but the prime minister should clarify his position on the allegations against his family in the Panama Gate. “The PPP has faced the label of a ‘friendly opposition’ in the past which shows that the party does the politics of issues not of mere accusation,” she added.

Sherry also wondered how the PM was addressing public gatherings and announcing development projects after the Panama Papers revelations.

“The grand opposition is sitting tomorrow (Tuesday) to craft its future course of action,” Sherry concluded.