Unemployment killing dreams


Un-employment is an economic term which means absence of employment. When the people are out of work, they are said to be jobless or unemployed and it is a troublesome problem which we face today in our country. Unemployment is a social evil that spells starvation, disease and death for its victims. In our country dishonesty, corruption, crime, sin and vices of all kinds prevail in a society where population is unemployed. This unemployment is assassinating the youngsters’ splendid dreams and wishes and leading them towards failure. Unemployment breeds discontent in the masses. In our country most of the people are busy in finding out job for them cannot pay attention to their rights and duties as citizens.

There are some main causes of unemployment.

First one is that our education system is gross and our young men are good at nothing expect reading books and dreaming of high occupations. Secondly: in our country birth-rate is very high and the resources of the country are not enough to maintain such a large population. But much can be done to mitigate the evils of joblessness and family planning must be followed to check the high birth rate to solve this pathetic issue which is widely spread in our country.
The government of Pakistan is requested to have a serious glance towards this ominous issue.

Munaj Gul Baloch