Sector F-6 facing acute water shortage for months




One of the posh F-6 sectors of the federal capital faces acute water shortage for the last two months amid warning by residents to launch protests against the Capital Development Authority (CDA).

Talking to media, Muhammad Ayaz, a resident of the locality, said that irregular and inadequate water supply has affected the daily life of thousands of families.

Another resident Haseeb said that the CDA complaints cell officials and employees at F-6 don’t discharge their duty to ensure uninterrupted water supply. “The water supply has worsened with the start of the summer season,” he remarked.

“The CDA officials never bother to attend our phone calls whenever we want to register complaints. We found them absent from their offices most of the times,” he alleged.

Residents complained that water tank operator is also never found on his duty during the time of supplying water.

The residents complained that negligence of the CDA has risen to an alarming level and they never make arrangements to clean the water tanks on monthly basis, people are forced to use filthy water for their daily use.

“We cannot afford costly water tankers daily, but we have no other option,” said another resident who wished to remain anonymous. He said that residents pay water bills regularly to the CDA, but its supply is not being ensured.

The residents urged the authorities to take steps for regular supply of water to the locality.