Lawmakers lash out at PTI chief’s negative, immature politics

  • Capt (r) Safdar says will sue Khan for baseless allegations against his family
  • Talal Chaudhry questions why PTI leaders are hesitant to declare their assets

Lawmakers in the National Assembly on Friday criticised negative politics of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan, and said after the Panama Leaks issue, two by-polls were held in the country and both were won by Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz candidates which showed trust of the people in the PML-N leadership.

Captain (r) Mohammad Safdar, on a point of order, said that a hue and cry was being raised on the Panama Leaks issue just to hapmer the way of development in the country. He said the PML-N leadership was not afraid of any accountability and challenged if a single penny of corruption was proved against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif he would be the first one to tender resignation from the House.

Safdar congratulated the people of Peshawar for casting votes in favour of the PML-N candidate in the PK-8 Peshawar by-election, saying that the PTI could not deceive the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in this by-poll like the general elections in 2013.

He said the PTI chief had levelled baseless allegations against him and his family for alleged concealment of assets, adding that he would file a defamation suit of Rs one billion against Imran Khan with the Supreme Court.

Safdar said that a certain media outlet was holding a media trial of elected representatives where under qualified anchor-persons and analysts sit together every night and disgraced the politicians. He said the fate of the country could not be decided in talk shows.

Challenging Imran Khan, Safdar said, “Let both resign from our seats and then go for a re-election.”

He said the PTI chief was hatching a conspiracy against the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project. He said the PML-N agenda was development of the country and it would win the 2018 elections on its performance.

On his turn, Talal Chaudhry said those who made corruption of billions of rupees in the Employees Old-Age Benefits Institution (EOBI) should be exposed. He said that former chairman of the EOBI had bought land from Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)’s Aleem Khan for Rs 2.6 billion in Lahore while the current market value of the said land was not more than Rs 1.041 billion; thus, the EOBI suffered a loss of Rs 1.559 billion in a single deal.

He said Prime Minister Sharif would come to the National Assembly and at all proper forums to reply in connection with Panama Leaks issue, but added that why the PTI leadership was hesitant from declaring their billions of rupees assets.

Speaking on a point of order, Raja Javed Ikhlas criticised the opposition for destabilising the government, and said those raising a hue and cry were responsible for Hajj, Rental and EOBI mega scams. He also said the past government took Rs 5,000 billion loans during their five year term which were almost double to country’s total loans. He said the past government did not launch any mega projects during their whole tenure.

Ikhlas further said that owing to economic-friendly policies of the government, many countries including China, Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and others have started making investments in Pakistan. “Work on motorways and new power projects has already been started and would bring progress and prosperity,” he added.

Mian Abdul Manan, Ramesh Lal, Tahira Aurangzeb, Chaudhry Muneer and Maulana Amir Zaman also spoke on the occasion and criticised the PTI chairman for his negative and immature politics.


  1. His wife Maryam Nawaz admitted on TV that she has no property any where and poor woman resides with her poor old father, but then Divine Intervention and Panama Papers leaked. This man must be sick to challenge this.

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