Alamgir Khan vows to intensify protest movement


The pioneer of Fixit campaign and activist, Alamgir Khan has vowed to protest further on the situation of sanitation and cleanliness in Karachi.

The social media campaigner exclaimed that their cleanliness campaign could make a difference. He also raised the question that why garbage in Karachi is not disposed of or recycled.

Man behind the fixit campaign which took the Karachiites by storm, called for strict action against those who throw garbage on public places. He also shared aim to contact political parties in regard with the issue.

Alamgir was detained for registering his protest outside Chief Minister (CM) house against poor cleanliness situation across the city.

Alamgir, riding a tractor filled with garbage, had to stage demonstration outside the CM house, however a large contingent of police placed blockades along the road to prevent Khan from heading to the destination.

He was apprehended at the spot.

Hearing for this case has been held in city court today. Alamgir is not intimidated by the arrest and vows to keep demonstrating until the cleanliness is ensured by public authorities.