Target killer Saeed Bharam confesses to committing 50 murders


An arrested target killer and militant commander of a political party, Saeed Bharam, has confessed to committing 50 murders during his interrogation. Bharam also revealed that he had seized lands in many areas of Karachi.

According to details, Bharam, who was earlier arrested from Dubai, revealed that he also used to meet members of a political party in India, Malaysia and Dubai. According to the accused, he had close relations with other militant target killers as well including Ajmal Pahari, Qazi Minhaj and Raees Mama. Investigation officials stated that suspect Bharam had also confessed to land grabbing in Karachi and attacking political leader Afaq Ahmed’s car.

Bharam was highly wanted in cases of bomb blasts, target killings, extortion and abduction for ransom. He was arrested from Dubai with Interpol’s collaboration and law enforcement agencies. Bharam had been hiding in South Africa and Dubai during his run from the law.