Senate, NA lawmakers condemn May 12 massacre


Members of the lower and upper houses of parliament on Thursday condemned the May 12 massacre of political workers and lawyers on the arrival of then deposed chief justice of Supreme Court in Karachi nine years ago.

They alleged that former military strongman Pervez Musharraf and his allies staged a bloodbath in Karachi on May 12, and urged the government to ensure that besides arresting those behind the killings, it should ensure that such incidents do not occur again in the country.

Addressing senators in the Upper House, Senate Chairman Raza Rabbani said he saluted lawyers and political workers who had been victims of the incident.

He said people of the country had to play a role in defending the constitution.

On a point of order, Usman Kakar said May 12 was a black day in the country’s history and all those who had been involved should be punished in line with law of land.

Nihal Hashmi observed those who placed containers to block roads on May 11 night in Karachi were still moving freely and no action had been taken against them as yet. He said cases should be registered against the perpetrators to bring them to book.

Jehanzeb Jamaldeni said May 12 was national tragedy and collective efforts should be made for promotion of democracy in the country.

Senator Saleem Zia said May 12 was a black day in the country’s history and alleged Musharraf and an ethnic party of Karachi was involved in the incident.

Meanwhile in the National Assembly, lawmakers from both sides of the divide called for severe punishments to all responsible for May 12, 2007 massacre in Karachi and demanded to make public the inquiry in this regard.

Speaking on a point of order in connection with May 12 carnage of 2007, Pukhtoonkhwa Mili Awami Party President Mahmood Khan Achakzai said that a peaceful rally for restoration of judges was attacked in Karachi killing dozens of innocents people.

He expressed concern that despite passage of nine year of the incident neither any inquiry was made public nor anyone was punished for this heinous crime.

Minister for Railways Khwaja Saad Rafique said political forces should not be used as a tool by the dictators, adding that worst democracy was better than best dictatorship.

He said in the present circumstances some political parties were politicising the issue of Panama Papers. He said the issue of Panama Papers would be resolved but these people would come with another excuse to derail democracy in the country.

He advised them to avoid negative politics in larger interest of the democracy as their attitude can harmful to the democracy. Difference of the opinion is right of the opposition but they have no right to impose their decision on this issue.