Indian efforts to block F-16 sale deal defeated, claims Sartaj


Adviser on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz Thursday said the Indian lobby’s persistent efforts to block the sale of F-16 to Pakistan had been defeated through strong arguments and outreach to the US Congress.

Winding up the debate on the Adjournment Motion moved by Senator Mohsin Khan Leghari and other senators on sale of F-16 fighter jets to Pakistan by the US administration, Aziz said Pakistan had been making extraneous efforts to finalise the deal as promised by the US administration.

He said Pakistan had forcefully rejected Indian objections to the sale of eight F-16 to Pakistan and drawn attention to the wide ranging defence deals concluded between India and USA during US Defence Secretary’s recent visit to India.

Pakistan has also emphasized the importance of maintaining strategic stability in South Asia.

To assuage US concerns, he said government had been making strides on multiple fronts to keep the US administration and the Congress members engaged in a dialogue, highlighting Pakistan’s committed efforts and huge sacrifices in confronting the menace of terrorism.

In this regard, visits of two delegations of Senior Staff members of the Senate Armed Services Committee and the House Foreign Relations Committee proved helpful in the final approval for sale of new F-16s to Pakistan by the Congress.

The issue of F-16s will be taken up with concerned US authorities during the Interim Progress Review meeting of 24th Pak-US DCG scheduled to be held from May 30 to June 3 2016 in Washington DC.

Pakistan Ambassador to US Jalil Abbas Jilani has convinced US Congress to release funds for purchase of F-16 Jets which are critical for the success of ongoing war against terrorism.

The proposed sale of 8 new F-16 aircraft to Pakistan has two main elements including approval of the sale in principle and approval of the funding through Foreign Military Finance (FMF) of the US Government.

“While we have already achieved the approval for the sale, the funding issue is still being discussed as the US Congress has turned down the administration’s proposal for use of FMF facility on this count,” he said.

He said in October 2015 Pakistan had reached an understanding with the US to buy eight Blocked F-16 planes of worth $699 million.

Under the deal Pakistan was required to pay about $270 million from its national funds, whereas; US was supposed to provide the rest 429 million from its Foreign Military Financing (FMF).


  1. An editorial in The New York Times has urged the US government to ‘put the squeeze on Pakistan’ for continuing to play a double game in its dealings with the US and Afghanistan.

    “Nearly 15 years after 9/11, the war in Afghanistan is raging and Pakistan deserves much of the blame,” reads the paper’s editorial, while highlighting the immense aid ($33 billion) already given to Pakistan for fighting terrorism in the region.

    The editorial goes on to add that Pakistan holds the key to the only ‘long-term’ solution to the Afghan war: negotiations with certain factions of the Taliban, namely the Haqqani network which is believed to be close to certain elements in the Pakistani establishment.

    However, the piece does highlight how there are now efforts in Washington to “exert more pressure” on the Pakistan Army, while citing the recent move by US Congress to block a move by Washington to subsidise Pakistan’s purchase of eight Lockheed Martin Corporation’s F-16 fighter jets.

  2. The mess in Afghanistan was initiated by US, in 1978 when Russia invaded. The all war was fought by US through fronts of Pakistan. When Russia left its occupation, it was squeezed to half and US loose interests and left as lion of uni polar world in 1992. That was after destruction of 15 years with 2 million killing of Afghans+ 4 million refugees in Pakistan, 25,000 mercenaries, who all were collected by CIA from 23 countries of the world to help fight against Russia were left in our North Areas of Pakistan. The Afghan were left alone after huge devastation, Taliban occupied the whole Afghanistan that also create 9/11 situation from Afghanistan by Al Qaida. After loosing trillions of dollars by US in Afghan war same situation is being created by US to pave the path for same Taliban. This will be devastating for all countries of the areas including India who is creating hurdles for supply of most needed F-16 for the fight against terrorists.

  3. What a continuous blaming to Pakistan, helping Haqqani group?? in US Senate/ congress, India and elsewhere, all crying so..??. What a strange innocence? Afghans don't like any external interference/policy lines to their matters as History tells us. They must believe on historical myth, as Russia learnt, before Greeks learnt that, Huns, Mongolians learnt that, In recent past, US learnt after loosing trillions in this war from 2000 to 2014 in Afghanistan. Pakistan's efforts are just trials for opening the situation for arranging negotiations only. If not negotiated there will be huge fighting/ killings within Afghanistan due to ethnic and sectarian differences which will be devastating situation for all countries around, including India, Iran and middle east. If terrorists again came to power, it will be again ground for international terrorism influencing and damaging all around. Pakistan needs long term peace in Afghanistan otherwise it will be damaging the situation in Pakistan as well as being lingered on for the last 40 years. Pakistan lost its economy by loosing 400 billion dollars in 40 years, law and order situation, poor economy, no Jobs and damages in social fabric of society. India need this situation to be continued to damage its enemy ( Pakistan) which is very short term approach but it should be understood to all that it may effect to them also. It is pity that Pakistanis are not so clever diplomats and can't explain all matters properly and diplomatically to deal with US and India.

  4. Is drama me ghar ke bhedi bhi sharik hain ! We will only support your claim when the F-16s land in Pakitan and join our Air Force.

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