Italians keen to invest in Pakistan’s construction sector




A delegation of Italian investors representing M/s Natali Construction Company of Italy visited Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) led by Dr Fabrizio Fava and Giacoma Natali and showed keen interest to invest in Pakistan’s construction sector for constructing solar power based energy efficient residential, industrial and commercial buildings.

The delegation was of the view that construction style in Pakistan is highly energy inefficient as a lot of electricity is being wasted and said that their highly energy efficient construction technology and style could save energy cost in Pakistan by up to ten times.

The delegation was keen to immediately set up a branch in Pakistan to introduce their construction style and technology and also wanted to know about the taxation system of Pakistan. The delegation said they were exploiting solar and geothermal energy in building structures which maintained comfortable temperatures, both in summer and winter seasons. The delegation said that their company was also building solar and biomass power plants and many other sources of alternative energy and they could help Pakistan in overcoming the energy crisis by introducing energy efficient building structures in the country. They sought the help of ICCI in setting up a branch of their company in Pakistan.

Speaking on the occasion, ICCI Acting President Sheikh Pervez Ahmed briefed the Italian delegation about investment opportunities for foreign investors in Pakistan. He said construction is a booming sector in Pakistan as many big residential, industrial and commercial construction projects are underway in major cities of the country. He said China-Pakistan Economic Corridor will start a new era of construction of mega projects in Pakistan and said it was high time that more Italian investors should explore Pakistan for investment and joint ventures.

He said Pakistan badly needs energy efficient constructions as the prevailing structures are wasting lot of electricity leading to more energy shortage in the country. He said Pakistan is offering attractive incentives to foreign investors with 100 per cent equity and repatriation of profits. He stressed that the Italian investors should focus on Pakistan for investment in construction, energy and other potential sectors to take maximum advantage of the country’s liberal investment regime. He assured that ICCI would extend all possible assistance and cooperation to Natali Construction Company of Italy for opening its branch office in Pakistan.


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