Iran touts newly tested long-range missile



Iran launched a new long-range missile late last month, a general announced on Monday, trumpeting the accuracy of the latest such weapon to be test-fired in defiance of the West.

“A missile with a 2,000-kilometre range was tested two weeks ago,” said General Ali Abdolahi, adding that it has a negligible margin of error of just eight metres (yards).

“We can guide this ballistic missile. It leaves the Earth’s atmosphere, re-enters it and hits the target without error,” the armed forces deputy chief-of-staff said, quoted by the website of state broadcaster IRINN.

In early March, Iran carried out several short-, medium- and long-range (300 to 2,000 kilometres) precision missile tests across its territory, mostly from underground bases.

The series of tests have come in for criticism from the United State, Britain, France and Germany. They say the tests violate United Nations resolutions, and they have called on the Security Council to address them.

Opponents of the programme say the weapons are capable of carrying nuclear warheads, an argument categorically denied Tehran’s political and military authorities.

Tehran’s ballistic missile tests in late 2015 brought new sanctions by the US against Iran on January 17.