Goldsmith’s defeat to bring down Imran’s popularity among expats: Pervaiz


Minister for Information Senator Pervaiz Rashid said on Saturday that the defeat of Zac Goldsmith in London’s mayoral election had deflated the balloon of Imran Khan’s so-called popularity abroad.

The minister, in a statement, said, “Pakistanis in London by voting for their compatriot Sadiq Khan have not only proven their patriotism but also exposed the hollow claims of Imran Khan’s popularity among the expatriates.”

The victory of Sadiq Khan and defeat of Zac Goldsmith had raised ‘Ro Imran Ro’ (weep Imran weep) slogan even in the United Kingdom capital, he said, adding that Imran Khan and his entire family had campaigned for Zac Goldsmith but the people of London had rejected his politics of lies by voting for Sadiq Khan.

Congratulating the newly-elected London Mayor, he said the election of the first ever Pakistani for the coveted post was a source of happiness for all the Pakistanis. “The victory of the son of a labourer is a matter of pride and honour for every labourer and every Pakistani,” he added.

Pervaiz Rashid said the defeat of Zac Goldsmith and the victory of Sadiq Khan was a clear indication of the mood of the electorate that they had rejected the negative politics of Imran and his relatives.

With Sadiq’s election, the people of London had also rejected the negative propaganda against Pakistan and Pakistanis, he added.


  1. The Minister for information is so obsessed with Imran that he indulges in misinformation. What has Imran got to do with the election of a mayor in London? Sadiq khan's election is a tribute to the fair mindedness of the british public.

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